• Drinks

    • Serial Steamer


      steamed milk and your choice of syrup topped with whipped cream

    • Zen Matcha White Chocolate Frappe


      Japanese green ceremonial tea blended with white chocolate

    • White Chocolate Frappe


      Organic espresso & Hollander white chocolate blended with whipped cream

    • Frozen Hot Chocolate


      blended with Hollander Chocolate and whipped cream topping

    • Gourmet Organic Coffee


      24oz iced $2.65

    • Organic Espresso

      $1.75/ 2.15

      Available in single and double shot.

    • Gourmet Iced Tea


      Ask for our flavors of the day.

    • Hot Teas

      $1.75 to $5.50

      See our tea menu for 50+ kinds of hot teas.

    • Cappuccino


      Organic espresso with steamed milk and billowy froth.

    • Latte


      Organic espresso with steamed milk. Add a couple of pumps of our homemade vanilla syrup to the latte on us!

      24oz Iced: $4.25

    • Lyrical Latte


      Rich white chocolate, steamed milk, organic espresso & whip cream to make you feel like singing.

      24oz Iced: $5.10

    • Literary Latte


      Stimulate those brain cells with organic espresso, steamed milk, creamy caramel, vanilla & whipped cream.

      24oz Iced: $5.10

    • Chai Latte

      $3.50/$4.00/$4.50/$4.70 (iced)

      Spiced black tea and honey vanilla latte.

      Flamingo Chai Lattee: sugar-free and decaf chai with steamed skim milk

      24oz Iced: $4.70

    • Edited Latte


      A skinny latte made with your choice of sugar free syrups, organic espresso and steamed skim milk.

      24oz Iced: $4.75

    • Media Mocha


      A decadent mix of organic espresso and chocolate with a hint of vanilla and steamed milk crowned with whipped cream (also available iced)

      24oz Iced: $4.90

    • Caribbean Mocha


      Pretend you are on an island! Coconut, chocolate, & spices.

      Iced 24oz $5.15

    • Signature Lavender Mocha


      A decadent mix of steamed milk, organic espresso, chocolate, and our house made lavender syrup.

      24oz Iced: $5.10

    • Mystery Mocha


      Start with our decadent mocha and add a spicy southwestern twist.

      24oz Iced: $4.95


    • Chai Tea Frappe


      Spiced Vanilla Chai blended to perfection and crowned with whipped cream.


    • Chronicles Chocolate Frappe


      Blended espresso & chocolate nirvana topped with whipped cream.

    • Classic Espresso Frappe

      $4.35/ $4.90

      Our organic espresso blended to creamy perfection with whipped cream. Jazz it up with a pump of caramel or coconut for just .25
      *also available No Sugar Added, Vanilla, or Dairy Free

more drinks

    • more drinks

    • Italian Cream Soda


      your choice of syrups topped with whipped cream

    • Italian Lemonade


      Organic Italian lemon juice with your choice of Italian syrup

    • Hemingway's Hot Chocolate


      steamed milk, gourmet chocolate, vanilla & whipped cream

    • Creamy Strawberry Banana Smoothie


      whole fruit & our homemade vanilla syrup with whipped cream

    • Creamy Banana Peach Smoothie


      Whole fruit with a hint of cinnamon & whipped cream

    • Juicy Mango Strawberry Smoothie


      Non-dairy just mango nectar and strawberries

    • Detox Smoothie


      all natural non-GMO Harvest Reds fruit & veggie blend with no added sugar or dairy

    • Zen Matcha White Chocolate Frappe


      Japanese green ceremonial tea blended with white chocolate


    • Extras

    • 1 oz Syrup or honey

    • Drip Coffee & Iced Tea Refill

    • Extra shot espresso

    • Organic soy or almond milk

    • Whipped Cream