lunch cuisine

    • Lunch Cuisine

    • Artsy Panini


      Artichoke spread, Crimini Mushrooms, fresh spinach on house baked roll & grilled V

    • Reference Panini


      Our vegan option. Marinated antipasti veggies on a bed of hummus in our French roll and grilled.

    • Dewey Decimal Deli


      Freshly sliced turkey breast with lettuce, tomato, and Provolone cheese served on a whole wheat roll topped with mayo, Dijon Aioli or Sriracha mayo. Gluten free



      Capered egg salad with organic greens on your choce of bread (gluten free available)

    • Textbook Tuna Salad


      Classic tuna salad with lettuce & tomato on multi-grain or toasted poblano sour dough

    • Lisa’s Chicken Salad Sandwich


      A big scoop of our famous chicken salad topped with lettuce and tomato on multi-grain bread

    • Novel Pimento Cheese Sandwich Plate


      Definitely not your “normal” cheese spread with pecans and  olives on multi-grain toast. Grilled to yummy gooiness.

    • PDF Panini


      Turkey, Monterey Jack, feta cheese, baby spinach, pickled red onion, and cabernet blackberry aiolo on our house baked roll & grilled

    • Periodical Panini Plate


      Turkey, provolone, tomatoes, baby spinach & basil pesto stuffed in our house baked roll and grilled.

    • Primary Panini


      Chicken breast with sun dried tomato pesto sauce, fontina cheese, spinach, on house baked roll & grilled.

    • Sun City Soup or Salad n’ 1/2 Sandwich


      Choice of Lisa’s chicken salad or turkey & cheese or egg salad or tuna on multigrain bread;  then choose our homemade soup of the day or a garden salad with homemade dressing.  Gluten free, Vegan

    • Lisa’s Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad or Egg Salad


      A mound of our secret recipe chicken salad, tuna, or egg salad with fresh baby greens, garnished with tomatoes and pickled red onion, with pita chips or GF crackers  Gluten free, low carb

    • Quotable Quinoa Salad


      Organic red quinoawith black rice, shallots, tart dried cherries & celery, garnished with cucumber, feta, silvered almonds, Kalmata olives with lemon vinaigrette on a bed of fresh greens.  Low carb, gluten free, vegan (w/o feta)


    • Breakfast

    • Bio-Breakfast Panini


      Turkey sausage, Monterey Jack cheese, spinach sriracha mayo grilled on a French roll or quinoa walnut bread

    • Bagel with Cream Cheese or Butter

    • Giant Muffin

    • Gluten Free Muffin

    • Poppy Oats


      Organic oatmeal with almonds, zante currants, cherries, cranberries, blueberries and cinnamon. Choose organic sugar or local raw honey (+$0.25). Gluten free available ($3.50/$3.75).

    • Scone



    • Desserts

    • Mini Cakes

    • Double Scoop Cookie or Brownie


ala carte

    • Ala Carte

    • Extra Cheese

    • Extra Dressing

    • Garden Salad


      Organic greens, tomato, olives, red bell pepper and choice of dressings

    • Homemade Soup of The Day

      $3.75/ 4.75

      Fresh natural and organic ingredients. These soups do not come from a cookbook, so please do not ask for the recipe.

      Substitute a cup of soup for the side of the day    $1.50

    • Local Honey

    • Organic butter

    • Side of the day